5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Beach Wedding

Get Back to Nature

Being near the beach for your ceremony brings everything that mother nature provides. From the sand between your toes to the sounds of the sea – the beach can provide an amazing backdrop for your photos. Not only that but there are some totally fabulous beaches on the planet, and when you’ve decided to get married at the beach the world really is your oyster.

Reduce Costs

Getting married at the beach can help you save money over a traditional church wedding for a lot of reasons. Firstly you will require a lot less decorations purely because of the minimalist nature of a beach wedding. Some nice chair covers, some flowers and wedding parasols for the bridesmaids and you can have some incredible memories. You can even, if money is really tight, use a public beach for the wedding. This will obviously be a lot cheaper than a private beach but make sure you check with the local laws and regulations to make sure it’s OK.

Informal but beautiful

A beach wedding is pretty different from the norm but if the traditional stuffy church wedding isn’t for you then choosing a ceremony on the beach might be just the alternative you’re looking for. A beach wedding has a certain flair and style that makes your wedding one your guests will truly remember and your photos something to treasure for ever.

Vacations for Everyone

You could make your beach wedding a destination wedding. Take only the closest family and friends away for a holiday everyone will remember. A traditional wedding can sometimes seem like everyone needs to be invited – but a destination wedding brings only those closest to you somewhere beautiful for your very special day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Honeymoon is a Footstep Away

After the ceremony is over, the champagne is all gone and the feet are sore from dancing it’s great to know that when you wake up the next day you’re already on your honeymoon with no travelling at all…