Beach Wedding Favors – Creative Ideas For a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are as romantic as they come. Where else can you enjoy the sensations you experience at the beach? Celebrating your love at the beach sure is perfect for any couple. Now, you can give your guests little mementos of such romance by incorporating some natural materials which the beach offers.

The abundant seashells are appropriate beach wedding favors. They provide accents as center pieces on reception tables. They can also be added to votive candle holders and floating candles. Abalones and clams make great name or place card holders; they can be part of a group with other smaller shells.

You can also give out special glycerin soap bars to your guest. These can be made with seashells and to keep in line with the theme, these can then be placed in soap dishes made out of clam or abalone. To finish off the design they can then be packaged in colorful cellophanes and tied in drawstrings.

Another great decoration or wedding favor idea is to use seashells in making your own candles. The shells to be used can be clam, mussel, oyster or abalone. Most craft supply shops carry candle making kits, you can also find these kits online if you want.

Seashell candles are really attractive to look at, and they can be placed on your reception tables to provide an additional effect of a beach wedding. The candles can be set in sand contained in wide rimmed vases or even decorative plates. The shells can also be placed inside a gift box adorned with several ornamental shells secured with a glue gun. For an easier approach, chocolates, soaps and pewter charms can be ordered in bulk and they can be placed inside abalone shells and tied with drawstrings.

If for some chance you don’t like seashells, then you can actually inflate a few beach balls, set up a few Adirondack chairs, flip flops and beach towels. You can use them in any creative way you wish. You can carefully place sand on the center of each table and on the sand, put miniature Adirondack chair shaped photo frames. You can then use these as placeholders by writing the names of the guests on the card inserts of the photo frames corresponding to the seats. To add a little more fun to the mix, you can alternate Adirondack designs with beach towel, flip-flop and beach ball frame designs.

If you’re holding outdoor receptions, you can place beach towels on the backs of their chairs to add a whimsical effect to the environment. It is an inexpensive touch but is functional as placeholders and even for those guests who want let go of what ever formality they have left and test the surf.

One really romantic and theme appropriate beach wedding favor would be messages in bottles. These miniature bottles can be purchased at craft stores or at party stores. The necks of the bottles shouldn’t be too narrow since it would make it difficult for the guests to take out their messages. The messages can be different for each guest and they can also serve as ice breakers while the drinks are yet to be served.