5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Beach Wedding

Get Back to Nature

Being near the beach for your ceremony brings everything that mother nature provides. From the sand between your toes to the sounds of the sea – the beach can provide an amazing backdrop for your photos. Not only that but there are some totally fabulous beaches on the planet, and when you’ve decided to get married at the beach the world really is your oyster.

Reduce Costs

Getting married at the beach can help you save money over a traditional church wedding for a lot of reasons. Firstly you will require a lot less decorations purely because of the minimalist nature of a beach wedding. Some nice chair covers, some flowers and wedding parasols for the bridesmaids and you can have some incredible memories. You can even, if money is really tight, use a public beach for the wedding. This will obviously be a lot cheaper than a private beach but make sure you check with the local laws and regulations to make sure it’s OK.

Informal but beautiful

A beach wedding is pretty different from the norm but if the traditional stuffy church wedding isn’t for you then choosing a ceremony on the beach might be just the alternative you’re looking for. A beach wedding has a certain flair and style that makes your wedding one your guests will truly remember and your photos something to treasure for ever.

Vacations for Everyone

You could make your beach wedding a destination wedding. Take only the closest family and friends away for a holiday everyone will remember. A traditional wedding can sometimes seem like everyone needs to be invited – but a destination wedding brings only those closest to you somewhere beautiful for your very special day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Honeymoon is a Footstep Away

After the ceremony is over, the champagne is all gone and the feet are sore from dancing it’s great to know that when you wake up the next day you’re already on your honeymoon with no travelling at all…

Beach Wedding Photography

As summer arrives, so does the urge to vacation near and far. Families, friends and couples all begin to venture out and spend their summers somewhere warmer and relaxing, usually on sandy beaches. Why not preserve these precious memories in family beach portraits? During your time near the sea, you can permanently retain your encounters on fine, sugary sands through the timeless art of photography.

The opulent ocean is the perfect backdrop for any occasion, especially for beach weddings. Imagine having a wedding out of a storybook! The love of your life stands beside you on crystalline sand while your families and friends witness one of the best moments of your life. The sapphire sea crests and crashes behind you as you embrace each other and are joined together in matrimony. Sunset is the perfect time of day for many reasons, but the main two are as follows: the bright, bold watercolors of the sky blend together and make the scene even more breathtaking, and the lighting creates a more intimate and romantic setting, especially in photographs. A beach wedding is the perfect opportunity for photo sessions to immortalize your perfect day.

Even if you’re not getting married on your trip, you can still chronicle your adventures with your loving family through photography. Family beach portraits are wonderful souvenirs to look back on later in life. They can tell the story of a family excursion to Big Kahuna’s Lost Paradise or simply wading through the surf for shells. When your children are older, they’ll have a hard copy of all the wonderful times they had at the beach, all set against the beautiful, natural backdrop of the ocean. Whether it was hunting for the best souvenir shirt or catching the biggest wave, they’ll remember warmly the awesome time they spent with their family at the beach.

Whether you’re here for family, friends, weddings, or just because capturing all your beach excursions in a single photograph is a rewarding endeavor, you can reminisce of the times you spent with family or your perfect wedding against the background of the swirling sea and the miles and miles of perfect shimmering sands. Either way, beach photography can immortalize any precious memory. Fond recollections of the azure bliss of the ocean, the silky smooth sands and the crisp sea breeze can all be enshrined in a single photo. Make your memories litrally last a life-time.

Top 10 Places For a Wedding Photo Shoot in Townsville, North Queensland

Townsville is a magnificent city located in North Queensland Australia and there are a plethora of places where you can have a great wedding photo shoot and in this article we will look at some of those great places where you could take those shots.

Top Place 1 – Anzac Park

The number one place where people take photos for their wedding in Townsville is definitely in the Rotunda at Anzac park. This is a solemn place but also lends itself to stunning photos. The park has luscious green lawn and backs onto the Casino Marina. Great shots can be achieved by doing the photo-shoot in the afternoon around 4.

You should be aware that during the wedding season which is traditionally from April to September, the park can get extremely busy.

Top Place 2 – Customs House

Customs House is located just across from Anzac Park and many great group shots have been achieved with this historic building being the main backdrop. Once again be aware that you will need to be patient to get these photos during the peak wedding period.

Top Place 3 – The Strand

The Strand has become the centre piece of Townsville. With its well manicured gardens dotted along the seaside and pristine beaches this location will give you the best beach photos you could imagine. Whilst you are limited as to where you can take photos from, this is changing however checks with the council as to where wedding photos can be taken.

Top Place 4 – The Rock Pool

The Rock Pool is located towards the northern end of the Strand and this location allows for magnificent photos with Magnetic Island in the background. The only thing to be aware of is that at the weekend, when most people have their weekends, the Rock Pool is very busy so it may take a few attempts at getting those photos completed.

Top Place 5 – Castle Hill

Castle Hill has a 360 degree view of Townsville looking back towards Mount Stuart as well as out to Magnetic Island. If you are looking for a sea view and island back drop then this is a great location. If you are planning to use this location, always check with your limousine company to make sure they are happy to drive you to the top as some companies do not allow this due to the winding nature of the road.

Top Place 6 – Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum located on the harbour Side of the Ross River in South Townsville, is a small reminder of the maritime importance of Townsville. Equipped with boats and its own light house there are some great locations for photos for your wedding photo shoot. If your into sailing or boating on the Great Barrier Reef then this is certainly worth a look for your wedding photos.

Top Place 7 – Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart over looks the main city area of Townsville. The Rotary lookout at the top of the mountain allows for some great photographs of the city with Castle Hill in the backdrop. This is a great location for scenic wedding photos of Townsville. Just be aware though the 10 kilometre drive up Mount Stuart can be a little precarious.

Top Place 8 – Picnic Bay

Picnic Bay located on Magnetic Island is a great location for photos for your wedding day. With the city of Townsville in the background you will be sure to get some great seaside photos. Another great idea for this location would be to get night time photos with the lights of Townsville as a great backdrop.

Top 9 – The Old QR Railway Station

The Old QR Railway Station is a great location for Wedding Photos. Located on Flinders Street in the centre of the city this is a great building for special photos. There have been many couples take black and white photos at this location.

Top 10 – The Palmetum

The Palmetum is set on the picturesque banks of the Ross River in the centre of suburban Townsville. The Palmetum has a range of different settings that you could use for your photos. The gardens have been designed to showcase many of the different environments you can experience in and around Townsville such as rainforests, wetlands, the dry tropics and more.

This location has become very popular for those looking for a wedding in the park and personally I do recommend it.