Beach Wedding Favors – A Token of Gratitude!

Beach wedding favors are for the guests who come to greet bride and groom on the auspicious day of their marriage. Generally, would-be-couples decide as to what gifts should be given to the arriving guests that serve as a perfect token of their wedding apart from being useful.

Gifting unique marriage gifts is an ideal way to say ‘thank you’ to the guests who come all the way to shower their blessings on the newly weds. Wedding gifts remind guests about the day of your marriage. That’s why would-be couples, these days, are taking extra care while selecting their perfect beach marriage gifts. Giving away presents and gifts let guests feel special and delighted. Beach wedding favors are the perfect souvenir for your seaside marriage that helps people remember your special day always.

In order to make your special day an unforgettable experience for your guests many online companies are offering all types of assistance. These days, seaside marriages are quite in vogue that makes selecting marriage gifts a little tougher. Before choosing your beach wedding favors, decide where you want to organize your marriage ceremony and what would be the theme of your marriage. Depending upon the theme of your marriage select suitable marriage presents.

These days, beach wedding favors are available in various types of designs, sizes, and prices to choose from. Below is a short rundown of some popular seaside marriage gifts which are beautiful apart from being useful. These are:

Seashell marriage gifts – Starfish tea light, shell cardholders, luminous lanterns, photo glass coaster and many more.

Silver beach marriage gifts – Silver plated shell keepsake box, shell silver place card, silver starfish charm and many more.

There are some favors which can be customized or personalized and adds a personal touch to the gifts. Favors like beach party set, customized beach pails, just married flip flops for him/her, flip flop photo frames etc. can be made personalized as well.

Summer Beach Wedding Tips

There’s nothing quite like getting married on a sandy beach with the warm sun shining down and gently pounding waves frolicking in the background. Summer beach weddings are more popular than ever and couples are choosing to exchange their vows on exotic islands and on ocean and sea-side beaches in warm climates everywhere.

A beach wedding requires that the bride and groom be dressed properly in lightweight clothing that is casual, yet sophisticated. A bridal gown for a beach wedding should be rather simple and can be either short, knee-length or long – the choice is up to the bride herself. There are many lovely strapless dresses as well as v-neckline and mermaid halter top beach wedding dresses available that would all be perfect to wear for a beach-themed wedding. The groom can choose either a casual white linen suit or just a pair of white slacks and a light colored shirt worn without a tie. If the wedding is at sunset, the same attire is appropriate but may require some layering. The bride can wear a crocheted cardigan or light shawl and the groom can add a sports jacket made of silk, cotton or linen.

As far as what the guests should wear, shorts should be avoided unless the invitation specifies that they are acceptable. Generally speaking, anything that is light, cool and washable is fine such as a pair of khakis and a lightweight collared shirt for the men and brightly colored sun dresses for the gals in attendance. Footwear can be ditched all together by the guests although both the bride and groom should wear a pair of open sandals which complement their attire.

Once the ceremony is over, everyone in attendance should expect to gather for wedding photos against the beautiful backdrop the water provides. Perhaps some surfing will be done following the ceremony or taking everyone on a boat ride up and down the beach is planned. It is always nice to have a beach bar set up nearby so that guests can sip on exotic tropical cocktails once the vows have been exchanged. A cold buffet table can also be arranged featuring fresh fruits, breads and local seafood. Music with an island theme is always fun for the celebration afterward and highly appropriate. There are many possibilities when planning a beach wedding so use your imagination so that that everyone in attendance has a good time!

Unique Beach Wedding Invitations You Can Make

Beach weddings are wonderful to have, and already have the romance built in. The nice thing about having a beach wedding is that you can create your own rules about how you want your special day to be. You can have it serious, or more than likely you will want it to be fun. You can carry this theme over into the invitations that you send out for your wedding.

Your beach wedding invitations can be made at home and you can create and design them yourself. You can decorate them or keep them plain and simple. This is entirely up to you how you want to have your wedding invitations to look.

One way that you can make your own invitations is to print them out on card stock, you can buy this at the stores and they will even have wedding card assembled and ready to print. This can save you money if you want to design your own cards, and customize them to your liking. Once you get them printed, you can then decorate them with glitter, ribbons, and even add photos on them if you want. Maybe you will want to show a photo of the two of you at the beach, or just the sunset at the beach. You could create the cards from different colored of card stock. Even if you don’t wish to print them from home, you can get the file ready to send to a printer, there are many places that you can send the design online and have the invitations mailed to you. Then you can always customize them a little more if you wish after you get them.

There are many ways that you can create and design your own beach wedding invitations, and have them as unique as your beach wedding is.

With beach weddings, you have no set rules to have to follow, make this day as unique as you are, from the setting to the invitations, this is your day.